Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Daz! Lunch @Hoggy's

My darling boy turned 18 on Friday and to celebrate, I suggested going out to lunch on the weekend. So after much discussion, we decided on Hog's Breath. Well, he is kind of a fussy eater and has terms and conditions on his meals. So, I suspect that Hog's Breath will be a good choice. It has curly fries, you can't go wrong with that, right?

It's 10.30 am now, I should make a booking, but instead, I am nursing my coffee and reading their menu online. I haven't dined there since.....oh my God! I can't remember, some time in the nineties? I think my problem with Hog's Breath is that I like my steak freshly cooked, not slow cooked for over 18 hours.

However, I am going to give them another try today. So I made the booking for quarter to 1pm. It was lucky that I did, the place was jammed packed with Saturday shoppers and birthdays gathering and clusters of recruits all over the place. For those wondering, Wagga Wagga is in inland country NSW and we have Army, Air force and even Navy establishment here. So on the weekend, you tend to see a lot of them in town. We also have Charles Sturt University here and so there's plenty of students about as well.

We were running late too, by fifteen minutes and if this was Sydney, our table would be gone. Were running late because the boy wanted to go to his game shop to get some paint and craft stuff for his Warhammer figurines. Thanks Nanna for his birthday cash so he can get more stuff for his hobby.

So we sat down and ordered straight away. The service was attentive and quick. Our waitress was Zoey and she was wonderful. The wait time was not too long even though it was a full restaurant. I started to snap pics with my iphone. Thank goodness I did not bring the dslr. The boy would have died of embarrassment ;) Hahaha

I wished I was not driving, would have loved to try out the Lychee Lover, it has vodka in it and lychee of course. It looks so yummy and refreshing. Must come back. I had two bites of Darren's steak. It was freaking awesome, so much nicer than my meal. The steak was so tender and smokey  from the grill. Just delicious!

I had the baby ribs and steak and it was disappointing. It was served with salad and curly and cajun rice. The steak was cook to perfection, medium rare, but there was no flavour to it. It was the same with the ribs. Very tender and moist but plain. The flavoursome part was the pepper sauce.

"All I got for my birthday is a piggeh!!! Just kidding...Mum got me a 3D NDS in XL"

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Mel Piggy said...

What a bummer your meal wasn't great - but curly fries do make everything better.

Jackie Brodin said...

Hi Mel, yeah, it could have been better. Will stick to the prime rib next time. I think mine was broiled, tasted watery.

Amanda said...

Great Post!

denise, the prime magpie said...

Agreed on curly fries improving most, if not all situations. And happy birthday to Daz - all grown up, but forever mom's darling, as it should be. As long as he had a good birthday, it was a grand day!

denise fletcher said...

Hi Jackie, happy belated birthday to Darren. My boy just recently turned 18 too :)

Sorry your lunch wasn't great. I would have ordered extra curly fries to make up for it LOL

Jackie Brodin said...

Thx all, yeah, we did ordered extra fries;) hehehe. love their curly fries

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