Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicken Satay Puff

Inspired by all the foodie bloggers that have previously make and can fold the perfect chicken curry puff pastry, I've decided to take on this challenge.... NOT!!

Hahahaha.. okay..give a gal a break..... I was craving curry puff.....them ones with flaky pastry, do you think I could ever make one? No way.. and why not? Because I totally sucked at folding curry puff or wontons and whatever else that need folding with the fingers!!! These things, just do not want to stay in the pastry for me... they all fall out eventually and it always looks like ground zero of a disaster area in my kitchen. This is why I buy them ready to eat or I take shortcuts.

I have also modified this recipe a bit. I marinated the diced chicken bits in satay seasoning prior to cooking, this way I still get that spicy asian flavour without the curry sloppy mess..

I confessed that I am still not very confident at folding pastries and so I have invested in a little gadget that I call "The Folder" LOL... you'll understand when you see the photos below. It's my cheating way ;)

Anyway, this thing is fabulous and my puff tasted delicious. I've eaten four already as I type this up. Damn... it's spicy hot!

Please follow the recipe from Bee at http://rasamalaysia.com/recipe-curry-puff/
Please remember that I used satay seasoning, chillies and not curry powder and I also used mixed frozen veges with potatoes for my ingredients.


thang @ noodlies said...

envious that you can just cook something and it looks and probably tastes like it should... I can't even boil an egg!

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