Saturday, June 4, 2011

Black Pepper Crabs

Last week, I had forgotten to get some blue swimmers crabs and so this week, I made sure that I did not forget to pick these babies up after work Friday. Err, thanks to modern technology... yup, I have sent an email to myself, is that so strange?

Check out this beautiful hue of blue swimmers crab, how pretty are these babies? So I was thinking Black Pepper crabs, mainly because I had gotten some Lee Kum Kee Black from my last Canberra trip and I wanted to try out this pepper sauce. I wasn't sure that it would have the same heat and spiciness as a Malaysian brand. I have to say.....Foooyooohhh, this sauce was kicking it! Still, I reckon it had to do with my putting in baby chillies and extra grounded black pepper. I was burning!!! It was very shiok!!!! My lips and tongue are numb now and that is so good!!!

I don't really have any recipe for this. Just the sauce from the bottle, chillies, spring onions, shallots and crabs and you tossed them around the wok till the shell changed colour then that's it... very simple dish ;) takes no time at all.


thang @ noodlies said...

God that looks good!

chocolatesuze said...

i looove crab yum looks delish!

Yummy Stuff said...

Thx guys, you both are such loyal fans, really appreciate the comments. Makes me feel, like I am not just rambling on to myself as I do...LOL

Adrian (Food Rehab) said...

Crabs is one of my fav foods. This is so simple, thanks for sharing.

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