Monday, April 18, 2011

April Canberra Trip

I am officially on holiday... yippeee!! But I can't afford to fly overseas and besides, boy's passport is expired. Such a waste to buy another passport for just two years as he will have to change over to an adult passport soon. Anyway, we will not be heading overseas anytime soon.

However, I managed to drag the boy along again for yet another Asian heist. This time, we are off to Canberra, I like this city. I love the cold. Anyway, I promised to take him sightseeing after the grocery hunt. We went to Canberra Centre and walked the mall for three hours...  to Gold Creek Village the next day and I bought $35 dollars worth of lollies from the Lolly shop.

It was a beautiful day. I had expected, rain and thunderstorms and dark clouds. But the sun shone and we got in by lunchtime and headed to the mall after checking in at the hotel. The room was lovely. It opens up to the courtyard. We stayed at The Quality Hotel in Dickson for my "Operation Grab an Asian". I had tandoori lunch at the mall and grabbed a laksa from the Asian Noodle House in the evening.

Reptile Santuary at Gold Creek Village.


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