Sunday, April 10, 2011

Farmer's Market at Wagga Wagga

One very beautiful Autumn day, I decided to venture out to the local Farmer's Market at Wollundry lagoon. It was still very early, 8am but the stalls were starting to look busy. I can smell the smell of bacon and sausages cooking but remain on my true path, which was getting some photos for this blog. Then I saw Polka Dot Pancakes, groaned out loud!!! I ran from that stall and did not take any photos of the pancakes. Sorry lady, I am not mad, just hungry.

It was a peaceful, happy, jazzy kind of day. There were children everywhere, none of them screamed :) The golden oldies were rocking to the tunes of jazz music. The Rotary Club hired a jazz band to play while people shopped. Isn't that nice? Fathers can be seen in clusters having breaky while mothers in prams shopped. I tried to go to every stall that was food related. Yes, the soaps smells really nice but I can't eat them, sorry lady.

I met one fellow food blogger. She recognised me straightaway and I am ashamed to say that I did not know who she was. I have not been to the FoodBuzz Network for a while. She has a stall called Petite Macarons and specialised in French Macarons. We discussed my macaron epic fail ;) perhaps I should practise with her?

Just want to thank the ladies of Darkside Chocolates for your lovely sample of Belgium chocs. I have to say by the end I was not so hungry anymore, as the stall owners kept throwing food at me. I even got a glass of cherry wine! Score! Lucky I brought cash, but if you haven't got those, some stalls take credit cards. I collected a lot of business cards, so if any of my readers want more info, just yell out on comment box below. Just for info, this market is on every second Saturday of the month.


thang @ noodlies said...

I wanting to go for a long drive and hit the fete and market circuit... I know they all offer the same-ish sort of thing..

but how could anyone resist macaron, jams, gourmet chocolates, bread and cheese?!

Yummy Stuff said...

Thx for the love, my gorgeous one ;)

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