Sunday, January 9, 2011


This week, I have a guest featured post from Paris. Oui from The City of Love....sarang sarang saranghae back to my friend Lin Milne, who is on holiday in Paris. She has kindly allowed me to do a post with her photos.

This is Laduree in Rue Bonaparte in St Germain. Isn't it amazing? It's practically magical! What beautiful macaroons they have! Just brilliant, my Ninja friend has done well as she goes forth... and snap snap snap....what beautiful photos too. She even went to all the Laduree for me.... Look at the shopfront display. Isn't it just dreamy?

Photo credits: Lin Milne Photography All Rights Reserved.

(Please Do Not Copy)

 Laduree Bonaparte

Laduree Royale
 Laduree @ Champs Elysee

 My "Foreign Correspondent" - hehehhee... Lin Milne

Inside scoop: A certain ninja got told off for photographing this photo below. Hahah! Very Ninja of her to sneak one in!

"You are not suppose to take photos but errrrr what? me no understand French hahahahhh"

Note to Lin: Please, please can you bring home a Pastry Chef for me??? Never mind about the Eiffel Tower souvenir. Or just bring home a Roman Duruis for me..he's hot!

 Looking for my Roman Duruis, I hope!

Hello to all from Lin in Paris ;) 
She said she was never coming home... oh no!

Hehehehe! Wah!!!! Eiffel Tower photo just for my lucky!

Night time in Paris


Anonymous said...

Lol Jac, thank you! Love Love Love Paris!!! This city certainly is a foodie heaven - the French love their food. However simple, or creatively put together, you can be sure that all fine ingredients are used. I read that baguettes and croissants are baked throughout the day. Anything over 3 hours are considered stale!

This trip is not about sightseeing or doing anything touristy but to search and discover French food and their way of life. I plan to come back and stay longer next time. Everything about the French just rings like a crystal glass. Ding!

Nuttymeg said...

OMG!! Can I follow you in your next trip to Paris? Thank you so much for your photos too.

FOOD said...

Ladureeee. Tried the one in London. Caramel's good =)

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