Saturday, January 22, 2011

King Prawns Noodle

So what does one eat when she has been baking all day and is absolutely tired and stuffed? As in very hungry, I could eat a horse but not literally... eww!!! And this is even though she has been eating as many cookies, as fast as she bakes them?

Fried Noodles!!! Yipppeeee... we going on a crab high!! Ooops I mean carb! heheheh..Look, starvation times, no time for fancy recipes..just grab some greens, some meat, open a packet of egg noodles, tossed those whatchamacclit around a couple times in the wok on high heat and ... Add fish sauce, add kicap manis.. add salt.. and serve with sambal terasi (hot chili paste)..tada!!!! No fuss...very quick meal to prepare...prep time is approx ten minutes ad that was to peel those shells off the prawns...When you're done eating.... soon you will be on carb high and on your way to watching Korean drama all evening... BLISS!


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