Friday, January 14, 2011

Flooding in Australia

You know, the mood here is sombre. In case, you are not aware, Australia has been in the world news for it's recent flooding in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. People have lost homes, pets and loved ones. The death toll is rising and many are still missing from the "inland tsunami".

I watched the news coverage the other night and I was shocked to see the extend of the damages. It is so surreal. My own personal experience of a flooding was back in Malaysia when I stood on the dining table; pointing and screaming out over a snake that swam past. It was nothing like on TV.

On the telly, it showed loose yachts slamming into bridges, a floating pontoon, a drifting restaurant who happened to be called Drift Cafe, I kid you not!!! Also heartbreaking stories of lives losts, happy endings of people reunited and found. And then there were the idiots and the low life scums that went around looting. I mean, seriously, how could you shitheads... when the Nation is hurting so much stoop so low, as to loot other people's goods? And these same looters had to be rescued when they got into trouble themselves while escaping? As if the resources were not stretched enough? Personally I would have tasered them while they were in the water!

Anyway, that's just me, I am mean and inhumane :) I am glad that with all these horrible situations, the community have come together rallying and helping out each other and I really admire the humanity..okay, the ten arrested, not so much.. freggin muppets! Go check your dictionary, there is looting and then there is salvaging...big difference, you muppets!

I want give a shout out to everyone who donated to the appeal, to all on ground helping. I think you guys are great....except for those ten idiots arrested.. Well done Queensland Police ;)
Lastly, ...Pay it Forward!


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