Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant

So our Melbourne's dining out experience was not a total loss. I have one word for Mekong and that is WOW!!!!

This was my first time dining on vietnamese cruisine. We have a chinese/vietnamese place in Wagga and they don't really do Vietnamese dishes, which is a shame.

So, no funky music or decor in this place but just noisy people talking and laughing and enjoying their food, busy waiters, lots of people slurping away with their noodles. The smell of the place was a typical aromatic asian kitchen, I can also smell the fresh mints on the tables as you walked in.

We ordered vietnamese pho, what else does one eat in a vietnamese restaurant? I didn't know that when Clinton visited Melbourne, this was the place he was taken to and apparently he had two bowls of noodles. Impressive as I could only manage the small bowl because we also ordered paper spring rolls as side dishes. The noodles comes in two sizes, small or regular...although the regular looked like a large... HUGE even..slurp slurp... wipe forehead!  Hot and steamy!

The chilli paste is to die for... they sell that as a takeaway condiment, you can buy it home...Sweet, I don't have to be a smuggler then! hehhehehhe! You can't take me anywhere...oh, and I love that we can order our drinks by the colour ;) Who does that? Heheheheh! Mine was Assam juice, Karen had something with coconut which tasted like chendul, the others ordered something with barley in it?

And the hot tea was free ;)

Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam on Urbanspoon


chocolatesuze said...

ahahha all those drinks lined up in a row! yum! hey dude are you coming to the food bloggers picnic on sat?

Nuttymeg said...

I can't, too far to drive, tired just got back from Melbourne. Maybe next one. Besides, the highway will probably be closed from flooding water flowing downstream. Wish you all a happy time, will you be doing your mega choc cupcake?

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