Thursday, December 30, 2010

Paper Rice Spring Roll

Hmmm, what to do with extra greens? I could eat them of course, but today I wanted to try out rolling out rice paper roll. First, I added sliced rump steak from my dinner last nite. Then I added crabmeat and mixed it in with the greens. I blanched some beansprouts to add into the salad mix. Then I added a little chilli and hoisin sauce and gave the salad one final toss. I am not using vermicelli rice noodles as I am reducing my carbs intake.

To wrap the ingredients into the rice paper is no easy task for a first timer. You will need a plate. Place a sheet on the plate. Then wet it a little with warm water, do not over wet, that makes it hard to fold. once you put your filling in, fold it up as you would an envelope then roll it up. Ta da! Easy, right? Not so! But you will get there after a few rolls. This is fun! Serve with a bowl of chilli sauce mixed with hoisin, if you have crushed peanuts, add it as toppings to sauce ;)


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