Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mama Bear Porridge

So this is what it means when one has an annual check up. After I had been poked, prodded and had my tits fondled, I get to jumped on a scale to let the doctor know how heavy I am. Then I get to fast overnight and give blood the next morning. What a big fat mistake that was!!! Bah hum bug!!!

Yesterday, I went back to get my full bloodwork results and everything is fine except for my glucose reading and and cholesterol. I am not a diabetic..yet! My bad cholesterol is at war with my good cholesterol so I have to start exercising and eat fiber stuff. My glucose is at top end of low reading and she wants that reduced to lower.

The Doc looked at me and asked "Are you alright? You don't look happy! You have to eat cereal for Fiber and do a little exercise"
Me thinking out loud: " No way!! Cereal???? Have you seen those stuff? It looks like a vomit!!! Plus lugging computers all day is plenty exercise to me!"

NOT HAPPY JAN!!!!!! Doctors!!! What do they know??

This morning, I reluctantly cooked Uncle Toby's porridge like a bif fat grumpy MAMA BEAR!!! I rather be eating curry mee or roti or whatever that does not looks like VOMIT for breaky!!!

So I cooked the damn horrid thing and ate it, I added honey for taste and sprinkled cinnamon sugar for smell.
Still hate it but it's edible....gaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Bluek!!! Why is this even in Yummy Blog? Everybody else says porridge is yummy but I am not convinced....


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